10 Days in February with PastorServe

Jimmy Dodd |

Whew! What a February!! I thought it would be interesting to give you a snapshot into a ten day period in February – after we hosted the Pastor Appreciation Breakfast, our largest event of the year. The following is only a sampling of the things undertaken by the PastorServe team between February 18-27, 2020. Glory to God for the ministry that was accomplished – in 10 Days!! 

Arthur Jackson, Twoana Clark-Sheppard and I traveled to North Carolina to lead a soul care retreat for the International Holiness Pentecostal Church, hosted at the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove, located just outside of Asheville NC.  The retreat was a beautiful opportunity to pour into the souls of forty leaders. The leader of the denomination called the retreat life changing and transformational. The same team will return to The Cove two more times over the next twelve months to pour into 80 additional leaders. 

Wade Brown led a team including Bill McIntyre and Jeannie Martin to Bakersfield CA where for over a year, they have been walking alongside a church that lost a beloved staff pastor to an affair. PastorServe was initially invited in to complete a crisis onsite assessment. This led to developing a Restoration & Care Plan for the pastor, his wife, the staff and church leaders. During the period of February 25-26, the team completed their fourth and final Restoration and Care Team meeting in which they provided mediation between two couples – the fallen pastor and his wife and the senior pastor and his wife. The Spirit was at work—softening hearts, leading individuals to own and confess sin and grant forgiveness. God truly exceeded everyone’s expectations! Within the coming months, Wade and the team envision this pastoral couple being welcomed back into this faith community, pointing to the power of the gospel and God’s redemptive and restorative work!

Roy Bilyeu led a network meeting where he cared for ten youth pastors. He led a discussion on how to create fun yet safe games for kids. No one has a lifetime track record of pouring into youth pastors like Roy Bilyeu.  

In the same ten-day period, I was privileged to lead a team of four to St Louis where we served a church walking a painfully conflicted road. Over a three-day period, we conducted an assessment that included face to face interviews with thirty-seven individuals. Over the next month we will prayerfully sift through piles of information and present a report to the Elders that includes recommendations to help them find the best path forward. 

Arthur Jackson and Jay Fowler led an elder retreat for a Kansas City area church. 

Bryant Lee and Sergio Garcia returned to Puerto Rico where they have been consistently serving pastors since Hurricane Maria struck in September 2017. During the four-day trip they ministered to thirty-one pastors and leaders. They reported that there is a spirit of weariness hovering over the island. Astonishingly, 43% of Puerto Rico residents live below the poverty line. When coupled with multiple hurricanes and earthquakes, the island has known little rest. Many continue to live in tents for fear of their homes collapsing. Bryant and Sergio stood with Pastor Kermith Torrres Santos and his wife on the spot where his home and business once existed. Their family of five lost every earthly possession in one night. And yet, rather than being angry with God for losing everything, they are glorifying God for sparing their lives as they look to a brighter future. PastorServe is committed to continuing to care for Puerto Rico pastors through care, coaching and friendship. 

During these same ten days, Wesley Horne helped to launch a Doctor of Ministry program in Atlanta where he will personally coach and mentor eleven D.Min. Candidates. We coached fifty-two pastors and extended care to an additional nineteen pastors who were in need of a listening ear. Our team preached four times in the ten-day period (that included only one weekend). In addition to the above, we conducted a mediation between conflicted staff members at a local church and we led numerous crisis counseling sessions. 

There is so much more – and there just isn’t space to name all the names and share all the stories of impacted lives that happened – in ten days!!! It honestly feels like we accomplished more in ten days than we accomplished in a year in the early years of PastorServe. The growth is because of the kindness of the Lord and faithful generous partners like you! Glory to God.  

Thank you for being a part of the PastorServe’s mission to Strengthen the Church by Serving Pastors. And during ten marvelously ordinary days in February, we did just that! Thank you!! 

Amazed at the Goodness of God!


Jimmy Dodd, Founder and CEO

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