Manage Conflict Well


Hi. This is Jay Fowler with a one-minute word of encouragement for your pastor.

Conflict is inevitable in the church. No matter how awesome your pastor is, someday, something will happen that causes a conflict. It may be his or her fault. It may be your fault. It may be somebody else’s fault. But conflict will happen.

Even in the Bible, there’s conflict. Paul and Barnabas have a great big conflict that’s recorded in Acts Chapter 15. And that’s really a blessing to us because it shows us that conflict is a normal part of living out this Christian life together.

So, if you have a conflict with your pastor, don’t go tell somebody else or talk behind his back. Do these four things.

  • Number 1, go to him face to face. Sit down and work it out. Just talk it out. Hear him or her and share your ideas.
  • Number 2, go with humility. Go realizing that you might have contributed to the conflict and be willing to admit your mistakes.
  • Number 3, go honestly. Be willing to share what it is that’s bothered you and lay it out there and then hear what your pastor says. And maybe even hear their acknowledgement of a mistake.
  • And then lastly, go ready to forgive. The Lord has forgiven us so many things. Go with that spirit and be ready to forgive your pastor.

I hope this word will encourage and bless your pastor.

Strengthen Your Church

Strengthening your church, for us, begins by serving you, the pastor!