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Much more than just a podcast or YouTube show, FrontStage BackStage delivers a complete, free resource every week for developing healthy, well-balanced ministry leaders in your local church. Each week we provide The FrontStage BackStage Weekly Toolkit to help you maximize every episode and grow personally in your life and ministry. Plus, you can use these tools to help develop and equip your ministry team... your staff pastors, key ministry volunteers, and other church leaders.

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Ministry Leaders Growth Guide

Our team pulls key insights and quotes from every conversation with our amazing guests. We also create engaging questions for you and your team to consider and process, providing space for you to reflect on how that episode's topic relates to your unique church context. Use these questions in your regular staff meetings to guide your conversation as you invest in the growth of your ministry leaders.

Full-Text Transcript 

Want to review something that was mentioned? Interested in copying a quote and sharing it with a colleague? Desire to dig a bit more deeply into this week's topic? Our team provides a full-text transcript of every conversation so you can pass along snippets, post tweets, create presentations to share, or use in whatever way you find most helpful in developing your ministry leaders.

Shareable Video Links 

Join the discussion on YouTube with the video links provided for every episode. Have a question about something that was mentioned? Leave a comment and we will do our best to provide an answer. Be sure to share the video with your ministry team before your regular staff meetings so they can watch and be prepared for your discussion. Invite your team to subscribe to the YouTube channel so they receive each week's episode.

Additional Resource Links 

Throughout each conversation with our special guests, a variety of resources and tools are discussed. Each week we collect these links together so you and your team can easily find what is mentioned or referenced. We are also often able to provide links for you to connect directly with our guests and their ministries. At times, guests have a special resource available only to our audience, and we always pass that link along when available.

Shareable Audio Links

Listen to each week's conversation on-the-go from your favorite podcast platform. Share the podcast episode with your ministry team each week, as well, in case they prefer to listen rather than watch. You can encourage them to subscribe to the podcast so they receive it automatically each week. Again, be sure they receive it prior to your regular staff meeting so they are ready to discuss the topic.

Shareable Social Graphics

Every week our team creates social graphics that you can share on your favorite social platforms. These graphics come directly from the conversations with our guests and are designed to encourage, equip, and inspire. Feel free to post them on your church social accounts, your personal accounts, or use them as graphics in your communications.


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How to Navigate Depression as a Pastor Diana Gruver

How to Navigate Depression as a Pastor : Diana Gruver

By Jason Daye | May 3, 2022

Pastors are people, too, and can struggle with doubt and depression. In this week’s conversation on FrontStage BackStage, host Jason Daye has a wonderful conversation with Diana Gruver, author of Companions in the Darkness, as they look at encouragement for pastors who are wrestling with depression, and creating safe spaces, so we can effectively minister…

Hearing God Speak and Speaking What You Hear - Pete Greig - 02 FrontStage BackStage with Jason Daye

Hearing God Speak and Speaking What You Hear : Pete Greig

By Jason Daye | May 2, 2022

How can we experience the work of the Spirit fully in our lives and hear God’s voice? In this week’s conversation on FrontStage BackStage, host Jason Daye is joined by Pete Greig, founder of the 24/7 Prayer movement, as they discuss what it means to hear God and share what He is speaking with others.…

How to Be Intentional about the BackStage of Your Life and Ministry Jimmy Dodd

How to Be Intentional about the BackStage of Your Life and Ministry : Jimmy Dodd

By Jason Daye | May 2, 2022

What exactly do we mean by front stage and backstage? And why is it important to us as pastors? In this week’s conversation on FrontStage BackStage, host Jason Daye is joined by Jimmy Dodd, founder of PastorServe, and he shares how we can be intentional about having a well-balanced life and ministry. Looking to dig…

Introducing FrontStage BackStage with Jason Daye

Introducing FrontStage BackStage, our Podcast & YouTube Show

By Jason Daye | April 25, 2022

We are thrilled to announce the release of our new podcast and YouTube show, FrontStage BackStage with Jason Daye – Healthy Leadership for Life and Ministry. You can find the trailer for the show, along with the free Weekly Toolkit below, including: Video links to this week’s episode – easily share with the ministry leaders…