PastorServe Book Series

The PastorServe book series is a line of resources developed to stem the tide of pastoral burnout and crisis. This is a series of grace-centered timeless books for pastors, ministry leaders and church leadership ministering in a wide variety of settings in locations around the world.

The series will expose and address critical issues in pastoral ministry (seldom addressed by educational institutions) with instruction, encouragement and a focus upon the relentless love of Jesus.


What Great Ministry Leaders Get Right: Six Core Competencies You Need to Succeed in Your Calling

Though church leaders take courses in preaching and Christian education, when do they learn about personal limitations and the benefits of intimate friendships? Or what about conflict resolution? Knowledge gaps like these are often the primary factors that lead to frustration and burnout.

In What Great Ministry Leaders Get Right, Jimmy Dodd of PastorServe and Renaut van der Riet of Mosaic Church in Winter Garden, FL, outline the six core competencies church leaders need to develop healthy, biblical, and sustainable leadership. Jimmy and Renaut address the critical lessons often missing from ministry training that all leaders need to successfully serve their congregations. Whether you've been in the pulpit for years or are just beginning your ministry education, every pastor can make sure they're prepared for the real-world challenges of ministry.

Survive or Thrive: The Six Relationships Every Pastor Needs
Author: Jimmy Dodd

In Survive or Thrive, Jimmy Doddy reveals that the majority of pastors are not known-by anyone. They purposely isolate themselves from both staff and congregation so their insecurities, doubts, and failures aren’t exposed. Yet confiding in the wrong person can be a dead-end at best and disastrous at worst. PastorServe’s President & Founder Jimmy Dodd reveals how those in pastoral ministry can receive ongoing support, accountability, and restoration from a boss, counselor, trainer, mentor, coach, and good friend. Discover how you can move from surviving to thriving with the six relationships every pastor needs.

Survive or Thrive by Jimmy Dodd

Pastors Are People Too: What They Won't Tell You but You Need to Know

What are your top twenty expectations for your pastor? Now multiply your list by the number of people who attend church with you. Is it any wonder pastors are overwhelmed and underappreciated?

They’re expected to know every member by name, preach a “home run sermon” every Sunday, condemn sin without hurting anyone’s feelings, and be available to serve others 24/7 while not neglecting their own family. The intensity of these expectations and lack of appreciation can and does bring the majority of pastors to a place of despair and ultimately departure from pastoral ministry. This practical field guide offers tangible ways to better understand and care for the pastor who cares so deeply about you

Pastors Are People Too - Jimmy Dodd
Weakness to strength - book cover

From Weakness to Strength

In this honest book, pastor and author Scott Sauls exposes the real struggles that Christian leaders and pastors regularly face. Sauls shares his own stories and those of other leaders from Scripture and throughout history to remind us that we are human, we are sinners, and we need Jesus to help us thrive as people and leaders.

For Christian leaders—both inside and outside of the church—weaknesses that are left unchecked can lead to a downfall that is both public and painful. They want to lead with character and live like Jesus, but ambitionisolationcriticismenvyanticlimaxoppositionrestlessness, and insecurity can get in the way. From Weakness to Strength provides leaders with tools to draw near to Jesus and stay encouraged and hopeful, even (and especially) when sin and struggle get in the way.