Allow Your Pastor Space


Hey. This is Jimmy Dodd with a pastor word of encouragement.

I was at my daughter’s soccer game and a person walked up to me and they said, “Man, I’ve got this question about theology that’s really bothering me. Could you help me?” And I tried to answer them very gently.

But it was really irritating and I wanted to say, “You’re a little bit of a dummy. Here’s why. I’m not here as a pastor. I’m here to watch my daughter play soccer.”

Listen, give your pastor the freedom to be real, which means there’s a life away from the church. Which means if you see them at a restaurant, if you see them at a sporting event, you don’t have to go up and ask them a question about the Bible that’s always bothered you.

Allow them to have a life outside of the church.

And if you introduce them to your friends, introduce them as your friend first, not your pastor first.

Allow your pastor to live a real life and to have that little time that they have away from the church.

Strengthen Your Church

Strengthening your church, for us, begins by serving you, the pastor!