Encourage Your Pastor’s Spouse


Hi. This is Arthur Jackson with a one-minute encouragement for you to take the time to write a handwritten note to your pastor’s spouse, or children, it will brighten up their day.

Pastors labor untiringly for the wellbeing of their congregations. And sometimes, their families get shortchanged. They get the leftovers of time, of energy, and really, a wholehearted effort.

Take the time to write a handwritten note to the family of your pastor.

A handwritten note can be a powerful tool that helps to dispel the notion that the pastor is not appreciated. They often feel that way when their loved one is not present when they may be needed.

So, take the time to pen that kind of note in your own words. It may not be with the pizazz or the color or the wording of one of the big companies. But because it comes from your heart to their hearts, it would be priceless. I encourage you to do that.

And may it buoy the pastor’s family to know that their loved one is appreciated by someone in the church.

Strengthen Your Church

Strengthening your church, for us, begins by serving you, the pastor!