Get to Know Your Pastor


This is Arthur Jackson with a one-minute encouragement for you to take the time to understand your pastor’s personality, his vision, his heart.

You may say, “That is a very tall order.” And I would say, “You’re exactly right.”

Yet, those who take the time to do that will find themselves embracing God’s vision, God’s heart for a local church community. It may take a little time, effort, energy, and perhaps even money to go out for a cup of coffee, lunch, or dinner.

But those who take that kind of initiative will find themselves embracing a vision, a God ordered vision, a biblical vision for Christ’s mission in and through the local church.

So, can I encourage you to take the initiative to do that?

It may take an email, a phone call, some kind of communication with the pastoral assistant. But doing that will be a blessing for you and for others.

So, take the time today, the effort to understand your pastor’s personality, his vision, and most of all, his heart. You will not regret it.

Strengthen Your Church

Strengthening your church, for us, begins by serving you, the pastor!