Guard Your Pastor’s Back


Hey. This is Jimmy Dodd with a one-minute pastor word of encouragement.

I was speaking with a group of people. And afterwards, they wanted to share with me their job in the church. One person said, “I work with the youth.” One person said, “I work with the men and the women.” There was one older man in the back of the room. I could tell he was excited to share with me his job.

So, I said, “Sir, what’s your job in the church?” And he said in a very gruff voice, “I’ll tell you my job in the church. If anybody messes with my pastor, I’ll kill them.”

I love that.

I don’t really think that he would have actually killed somebody.

But here’s what he meant, “I’ve got my pastor’s back.”

In other words, guard your pastor’s back. Don’t allow gossip and things to be said behind their back. Break down triangles in the church. If you hear anybody that says, “I’ve got some issues with the pastor,” you need to encourage them, go speak directly to them.

Guard your pastor’s back.

Strengthen Your Church

Strengthening your church, for us, begins by serving you, the pastor!