Honor Your Pastor’s Spouse


This is Clark Tanner with a one minute pastor encouragement.

Have you ever asked yourself the question how difficult is it to be the wife of a pastor?

In the book, Pastor’s Are People Too, Jimmy Dodd says it’s not the role of the pastor that is the most difficult but it is the role of the pastor’s wife. The reason why is pastors pretty much have their expectations laid out for them. But pastors’ spouses…no, many times they really don’t.

In fact, there are many unwritten expectations. Such as, always say the right thing. It doesn’t always happen. Or, how about, the expectation of leading a Bible study. You know what, maybe that’s not her giftedness. Or, being a perfect hostess. Maybe that just doesn’t fit her. Or having an outgoing personality. Or, how about this one, her children are always perfect. I don’t think so.

These things can create a lot of pressure. So how can we help?

Why not just give her space to be herself? And don’t have those expectations of her. She’s not paid staff.

Maybe a suggestion would be to have a girls night out and include her without any hidden agendas. Just have fun together.

I want to encourage you. Protect your pastor’s wife.

Strengthen Your Church

Strengthening your church, for us, begins by serving you, the pastor!