Recognize Your Pastor’s Birthday or Favorite Holiday


Hello. This is Jay Fowler with a one-minute word of encouragement for your pastor.

Most of us like special days like our birthdays, our anniversary, or we like special holidays like Christmas or Easter. And your pastor’s no exception.

What would really bless your pastor is for you to find out his birthday and wedding anniversary, if he or she is married, or find out which holiday they really like and then do something for them on that holiday.

For instance, send them a note or send them a card thanking them and telling them how their ministry has blessed you. Include in the card a gift card to their favorite restaurant or some special event that they like to go to. And especially on those holiday seasons like Christmas and Easter, those times are exhausting for pastors.

And often, pastors get overlooked even though they’re giving out so much to everybody else. So, especially on Christmas and Easter, do something special for your pastor. It can be as simple as a plate of cookies. It could be, again, a gift card to a restaurant or some kind of activity in your town.

I really encourage you to think about his whole or her whole family. Consider giving a gift card to every child in the family. I remember one year, somebody did that for our family. And our kids loved it.

I hope this word of encouragement will bless and encourage your pastor.

Strengthen Your Church

Strengthening your church, for us, begins by serving you, the pastor!