Send a Personal Note of Encouragement


This is Clark Tanner with a one-minute pastor encouragement.

At PastorServe, we know that at least 1,500 pastors resign from the ministry every month. Yes, you heard me correctly. 1,500 pastors every month. That is a huge number. In fact, Peter Drucker, a leading authority on management says the four hardest jobs in the United States today are:

  • No. 1, president of the United States; secondly,
  • a university president;
  • third is a hospital administrator;
  • and fourth is a pastor of a local church.

PastorServe wants to ask you to partner with us, the local church, and to team with us so that we might be able to reduce that number.

How does this happen? Well, it’s fairly simple.

One suggestion might be for you to think about something that your pastor said in a message and get a thank you card and just write that down. Again, it might be something he said in that message on a Sunday.

It might be a passage of scripture that came just at the right time that he read. Maybe it was some random act of kindness. Say what it meant to you. Just put it in a thank you card.

And then let me also suggest that you include a Starbucks card or maybe a restaurant card. Address the envelope. Place these in the mail. And I can guarantee you that you will make your pastor’s day.

Strengthen Your Church

Strengthening your church, for us, begins by serving you, the pastor!