The Rhythm of Life

The Rhythm of Life - PastorServe

Rhythm – procedure marked by the regular recurrence of particular elements, phases, etc.

If you were to review the activities of the most recent week in your life, what patterns would emerge?  For me, I see moments of intentionality like teaching prep, strategic planning, reflection, enjoying community with others and prayer (not nearly enough).  Though, I also see other themes surface:  eating unhealthy, precious moments squandered, sinful habits, shear laziness and worry.

Needless to say, I’m not proud of some of the rhythms of my life.  How about you?  When you assess the recurring elements of your life, where does that leave you?  Satisfied?  Content?  Empty?  Frustrated?  Where would it leave those closest to you?  Concerned?  Proud?  Angry?  If you were to continue on this same trajectory, where would you be emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically one to two years from now?  For me, I don’t like some of what I see.  As a husband of 29 years, a father and a ministry leader, I want deeper fulfillment in my life.  I know that fulfillment comes from living a life that’s marked by habits that are glorifying to the Father and good for me.   As a colleague in ministry, I trust you want the same.

Over the next several weeks, we’re going to explore some elements that we here at PastorServe believe are essential to helping us experience healthy rhythms in life.  We certainly don’t have it all figured out.  You’ve ascertained that already!  Each of us on the team has much to learn, and we want to keep learning.  Thus, we’re going to invite some other pastors and ministry leaders to participate in this journey with us.  Few have written books or experienced the exhilaration of speaking from large platforms.  They are, however, people we admire and respect, whether from a distance or up close and personal.  Our prayer is that you’ll discover they’re individuals and leaders like yourself.  Simply men and women called by the Father who are seeking to know Him more and make Him known as they lead within their respective ministries.

I hope you’ll join us as we walk this road together and learn to engage or reengage with the meaningful rhythms of life!

Enjoy the Journey!

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