Church Assessments

Engaging with you relationally.

Our ministry is built on relational equity and trust. In fact, we believe relationship takes priority over quick fixes, formulas or prescriptions. Thus, we seek to be purposeful in getting to know the pastors and churches with which we’re working before we make recommendations on a pathway forward.

That requires being present, listening, assessing current reality, and asking probing questions. Then, we’re better positioned to recommend steps and resources leading to a preferable, God-honoring future.

We believe in the power and value of assessments, and we do these for healthy churches, churches in transition, churches in conflict and for churches in severe crisis. Our church assessment involves 3 phases, Pre Assessment, On Site Assessment, and a Post Assessment Report.

Pastorserve Church Assessments Jay Fowler

What to Expect During an Assessment


Before going on-site, we request several documents from the church to help us understand the scope of the ministry such as:

  • Vision &  Mission statement
  • Values documents
  • Attendance – last five years, etc.

We will conduct a pre-assessment interview with the Lead Pastor or an Elder.

Additionally, a pre-assessment questionnaire will be sent to be filled out by each staff member.

On-Site Assessment

Due to the unique dynamics of crisis related situations, we’ll always travel with a team of 2-3 (men and women).

We will meet with the lead pastor and each staff person individually.

In addition to meeting with the Leadership Team either as a group or individually.

It would be helpful to meet with your Small Group/ Ministry Team Leaders too.

We will ask you to schedule those meetings after a date for the On-Site Assessment is agreed upon.


Following our time with the church, we compile a thorough report which we will process with the appropriate key leaders.

Each Assessment Report includes:

  • On Site Assessment Observations, Interpretations and Synopsis
  • Specific Areas of Concern
  • Recommended Next Steps - Next steps could be a counseling intensive, coaching, mediation, required readings, a retreat, etc.
  • Resources
  • Summary / Conclusion

Our Assessments can range in price from $7,000 - $12,000+ depending on the complexity of the situation, the church dynamics, the size of the staff and the duration of our involvement. Travel expenses for the on-site Assessment and any subsequent travel are not included in the base price.

Choose a season of assessment/evaluation over quick fixes.

Take a step towards reaping the benefits of hitting the pause button for a season.