Specialized Coaching

Focusing on What's Needed Most

In addition to our more extended coaching packages, we also provide coaching that’s typically shorter in duration and more specialized for a variety of areas.

Whether the need is having the church staff all be on the same page, or preparing for a transition, PastorServe focuses on where a church needs the most help.

PastorServe Specialized Coaching Wade Brown

Team Coaching

Where one-on-one coaching has numerous benefits, there are times when aspects of that conversation need to expand to other key leaders on the team to create greater synergy and alignment.

Sabbatical Coaching

An effective sabbatical begins with a good purpose statement for this unique time away. Beyond that, it’s helpful to think of planning for a sabbatical in phases: Pre, During and Post. Working with a coach can help you, your staff team and church to plan most effectively for each of these phases.

Crisis Coaching

This type of coaching is usually related to a restoration plan which we’ve recommended, which would include some counseling, required readings, workshops, etc. Your coach will walk with you to provide encouragement, spiritual direction, goal-setting and accountability.

Strategic Planning Coaching

Effective leadership during a season of strategic planning often begins with asking the right questions. In fact, there are several key questions that we’ve found are extremely beneficial in helping your church assess current reality, refocus and move towards accomplishing the objectives that matter most.

Transition Coaching

The reality is every pastor is an interim pastor. Whether you’re considering what’s next as you think and pray beyond your current place of ministry or you’re actually in that space between assignments, it’s helpful to engage a coach on areas related to healing, calling, gifts, passions, impact, opportunities and ministry fit.

Our standard fee for coaching of this nature is $150/session, and a minimum of 10 sessions is required. Travel expenses for the On-site Assessment, and any subsequent travel, are not included in the base price but are the responsibility of the church.

Find the Right solution

Take a step towards the coaching experience that’s right for you and/or your staff team.