Every Pastor Needs a Pastor

Listen in as Jimmy Dodd shares the need for pastors to have key relationships in their life.  Jimmy explains each of those relationships and reasons they are beneficial.  Hear his heart about how PastorServe can come alongside a pastor as a confidential, safe and gospel driven place to process and share their hearts.  Because every pastor…

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Antagonists in the Church

Hey. This is Jimmy Dodd with a pastor word of encouragement. You know, at PastorServe, we’ve been around for over 17 years. We’re gonna hear some difficult stories. But here’s the story that we hear over and over again that breaks my heart every time. And it’s just this. A pastor will call and say,…

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Honor Your Pastor’s Spouse

Honor Your Pastor's Spouse Video Screenshot

This is Clark Tanner with a one minute pastor encouragement. Have you ever asked yourself the question how difficult is it to be the wife of a pastor? In the book, Pastor’s Are People Too, Jimmy Dodd says it’s not the role of the pastor that is the most difficult but it is the role…

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Pray for Your Pastor

Pray for your pastor video screenshot

Hey. This is Jimmy Dodd with a one minute pastor word of encouragement. Pray for your pastor. It seems so basic and so simple. But I really believe that this is the foundation of so much of what we do. Take some time each day just to even say a short prayer for your pastor.…

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Share Christ With Someone

Share Christ With Someone Screenshot

I’m Wesley Horne. And thank you for taking a minute to consider how you can encourage your pastor. As a college student, an elder told me how he came to Christ. He said as a young businessman, another young businessman invited him out to lunch one day. That one time became a weekly ritual. And…

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Begin With A Pastor’s Capacity

Begin Your Pastor's Capacity - Screenshot

Hey. This is Jimmy Dodd with a pastor word of encouragement. I want to guess that your pastor has a job description. And in that job description, it’ll say things like, “We expect you to teach and to preach, maybe be involved in a small group, maybe be involved in some type of mercy ministry,…

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Get to Know Your Pastor

Get to Know Your Pastor Screenshot

This is Arthur Jackson with a one-minute encouragement for you to take the time to understand your pastor’s personality, his vision, his heart. You may say, “That is a very tall order.” And I would say, “You’re exactly right.” Yet, those who take the time to do that will find themselves embracing God’s vision, God’s…

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Send a Personal Note of Encouragement

Send a Personal Note of Encouragement video screenshot

This is Clark Tanner with a one-minute pastor encouragement. At PastorServe, we know that at least 1,500 pastors resign from the ministry every month. Yes, you heard me correctly. 1,500 pastors every month. That is a huge number. In fact, Peter Drucker, a leading authority on management says the four hardest jobs in the United…

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Family is Your Pastor’s Primary Ministry

Family is pastor's primary ministry screenshot

Hey,  this is Jimmy Dodd with a pastoral word of encouragement. PastorServe has been around for over 17 years. We’ve gotten hundreds of thousands of phone calls from pastors from every state, all over the world. And I’m oftentimes asked, “What is the most common phone call that you get? What’s the most common struggle…

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Gift Your Pastor with a Marriage Get-a-way

Gift your pastor with a marriage getaway screenshot

Hi. My name is Robert Moreno with a pastoral one-minute word of encouragement. Marriage is hard in ministry. Encourage your pastor and his spouse to find and attend events that will enrich their marriage. For pastors, the most important part of the life in ministry is to have a healthy marriage. Marriage conferences, retreats, and…

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