We are devoted to strengthening the Church by serving pastors and ministry leaders

We've received a commitment from a generous donor that they will match all year-end giving, dollar-for-dollar, up to $250,000!  This is truly an answer to prayer and will make your gift double in impact.

We appreciate your support as we serve pastors and ministry leaders. Never in our lifetime has the need been greater to come alongside ministry leaders and provide support, encouragement, and care. Many pastors feel alone and overwhelmed in our ever-changing culture. Pastors are checking out, burning out, and even tapping out of ministry altogether, in record numbers. But PastorServe is here to meet pastors where they are, provide encouragement and guidance, and help them navigate the challenges they face. 

Every day, our team is serving pastors by providing personal coaching, ministry consulting, helpful resources, times of refreshment, and crisis care. Will you help us strengthen the Church as we serve pastors and ministry leaders?

Every pastor needs a pastor, and your support helps us serve them as they live fully into God’s calling. Healthy pastors lead to healthy churches, and healthy churches make a powerful Gospel impact on their communities.

Every single contribution helps. And, thanks to one of our donors, your gift is being doubled! Thank you so much for your generosity it is a blessing to our team and all those we serve!