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Dear Friends,

I can remember sitting by my radio in my bedroom on Sunday night and waiting for my favorite weekly program to come on the air. I faithfully listened to ‘Unshackled’ in the late ’60s and throughout the 1970s. Amazingly, Unshackled is still on the air! Since 1906, radio programs have been a steady source of information and entertainment.

If you were born before 1970, you may have sweet memories of the family gathered around the radio. If you were born after1990, you likely have no idea what I’m talking about! Because in 2004 – everything changed when podcasting was invented.

Over the last seven or eight years, PastorServe has been featured on dozens of podcasts. We have been guests on The Church Leaders Podcast, Trueface Podcast, Holy Smokes, 95 Network, Hope Renewed, and many more. At PastorServe, we have long dreamed about starting our own podcast to serve pastors. The only thing we lacked was time, talent, equipment, experience, and funding!

How awesome that God is miles ahead of PastorServe. What we didn’t see coming, God saw from the foundations of the heavens and the earth. Front Stage Back Stage, the PastorServe podcast is up and rolling – and it is amazing! How did this happen?

Over the past decade, my favorite podcast was The Church Leaders Podcast, hosted by Jason Daye. Jason had the most interesting guests, delved into challenging topics, and left me thinking. The podcast was short enough to be digested over a brief walk and yet deep enough to be pondered for days. I wasn’t alone. The Church Leaders Podcast was enjoyed by tens of thousands of pastors around the world every week. Many (if not most) considered it to be the number one pastor podcast. When Jason ended his hosting duties in 2021 – we invited him to join the PastorServe team to continue what he has been expertly doing for the past six years. Additionally, we invited Jason into the role of Chief Strategy Officer knowing that he would bring a wealth of both pastoral and strategic leadership experience. Thanks to the generosity of generous financial partners, Jason joined the PastorServe team in December 2021 and launched the PastorServe podcast, Front Stage Back Stage on May 2, 2022.

The podcast is everything we hoped for at PastorServe – and so much more. Jason has already interviewed Os Guinness, Rich Stearns (former President of World Vision), Nancy Beach (formerly of WillowCreek), John Eldredge (Wild at Heart), and Diana Gruver (depression expert), AlbertTate(well-known African American pastor), and many more. Each episode has been a deep dive into a particular topic impacting pastors and ministry leaders. But it is much more than just a podcast, it is a complete resource for pastors and their churches. Every week Jason puts together a toolkit to help church staff and ministry teams process the topic of that week’s show. What PastorServe is providing is incredible. It is a professionally presented, innovative, helpful tool being delivered free of charge to pastors around the world every Tuesday morning.

Front Stage Back Stage is allowing us to impact more pastors and ministry leaders, truly serving them from a distance, while introducing PastorServe as a thought-leader in pastoral care. It is also opening exciting new doors for strategic partnerships across the Kingdom. We are thrilled to see how God is already working through this new ministry and cannot wait to see all that God does with it in the months and years ahead.

I would ask you to do a few things. First, subscribe to Front Stage Back Stage, the PastorServe podcast. You can find it on all major podcast platforms. Also, subscribe to the PastorServe YouTube channel. Second, tell your pastor and friends about the podcast and the YouTube channel. Be assured, that it’s not exclusively for pastors. The content provided is applicable to anyone! Third, I would encourage you to give an additional financial gift this month to support the ongoing work of Jason as he hosts,

produces, and distributes these incredible podcasts. Simply make a note with your gift that says – ‘podcast’.

What a blessing to know that God is so far ahead of us! The podcast was a dream. A YouTube channel was unrealistic. It wasn’t in our 2021-22 strategic plan. But God knew that Jason was coming! And just like the PastorServe book series, entire operations team, and multiple regional offices – God dropped it in our lap! Jesus is truly the leader of PastorServe. I’m just along for the ride!

Thank you for your partnership with PastorServe that allows us to produce a podcast that will reach thousands of pastors we have never impacted–until now. We could not do the work of this ministry – and produce a leading-edge podcast, apart from friends like you.


Jimmy Dodd

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