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Ministry throws unexpected challenges at you. What if a little more training could help you navigate them successfully?


Develop healthy, biblical, and sustainable leaderships

Though church leaders take courses in preaching and Christian education, when do they learn about personal limitations and the benefits of intimate friendships? Or what about conflict resolution? Knowledge gaps like these are often the primary factors that lead to frustration and burnout.

In What Great Ministry Leaders Get Right, Jimmy Dodd of PastorServe and Renaut van der Riet of Mosaic Church in Winter Garden, FL, outline the six core competencies church leaders need to develop healthy, biblical, and sustainable leadership. Jimmy and Renaut address the critical lessons often missing from ministry training that all leaders need to successfully serve their congregations. Whether you've been in the pulpit for years or are just beginning your ministry education, every pastor can make sure they're prepared for the real-world challenges of ministry.

"What struck me most powerfully in reading What Great Ministry Leaders Get Right was its honesty."

Cofounder, The Bonhoeffer Project, Author of Conversion & Discipleship: You Can't Have One without the Other


"Anyone in leadership learns quickly that people are usually eager to identify what you're doing wrong. Compliments are harder to come by; solid, time-tested advice for what works best is rarer still. Whether you've been leading for years or are just starting out, you'll find treasures of wisdom in these pages that will strengthen your ministry and help you serve better."

President, Focus on the Family

"In my 30+ years of working with pastors around the world, I've never seen this level of personal anxiety and insecurity, as we face the challenges and pressures of this kairos moment. We need strong local churches more than ever. What Great Ministry Leaders Get Right lays out the foundational qualities pastors and ministry leaders need in these challenging times. Based on years of dedicated research with hundreds of pastors, it's full of practical examples and guidance that can fill in the gaps of what gets missed in seminary. Every one of us has weak spots in our pastoral leadership. This book can help us become more joyful, confident, and fruitful as we fulfill our part in building Christ's kingdom."

President and CEO of Luis Palau Association

"As one who is passionate about the experience of resiliency among pastors, I find this book incredibly helpful. It provides handles and structural considerations for a pastor to care well for himself throughout the ups and downs of ministry. It really assists a pastor in developing his own personal plan for self-care."

Lead Pastor, Wellspring Church
Director of Pastoral Care, Acts 29 Network

"Jimmy and Renaut bring decades of practical and frontline experience to this great resource. They are like veteran sherpas helping us know how to navigate the complexities of modern-day ministry. Any pastor who will live out these competencies will have a healthy, enduring, and effective ministry. This book will help you stay in love with Jesus and ministry."

Founder of Replenish Ministries

"There are a thousand demands on a ministry leader's time and attention. But what are the things that great ministry leaders do that make them truly effective? I'm grateful for my friends Jimmy and Renault for writing this What Great Ministry Leaders Get Right. It's an important guide for any ministry leader who wants to do great work, not for their own glory, but for the glory of God and His coming kingdom."

Executive Director of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College


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