Gift Your Pastor With a Coaching/Care Package

Gift Your Pastor with a Coaching Package | Video Screenshot

Hi. I’m Wade Brown with a one-minute pastor word of encouragement. Because there’s a tendency for so many pastors to do life and ministry and isolation from others, we believe that every pastor in America needs a quality level of care and counseling and coaching in his or her life. In fact, we have a…

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Gift him or her with a Vacation Home

Gift Your Pastor a Vacation Home Video Screenshot

Hi. This is Wade Brown with a one-minute pastor word of encouragement. If you’re like me, you look forward to your vacation time. In fact, you look forward to using all of your vacation time because that time is so important to be able to get away from the game, so to speak, and recharge…

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Instruments of rescue – a canoe, pots and pans, relationships

This was my first trip, and by this time much of the clean up from Harvey was already underway, and rebuilding was taking place. Still, as we drove through some neighborhoods, we could see piles of broken sheet rock, carpets, appliances, cabinets, and clothing near the end of driveways. At first glance, it simply represented…

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Three Weaknesses of Sound Bite Leadership

Sound Bite Leadership - PastorServe

What are some favorite sound bites that you’ve gleaned from the leadership books you’ve read or the conferences you’ve attended? You know what I’m referring to, right? It’s that one to two-line statement that’s a mic drop moment. Upon hearing it, you turn to a colleague at a conference and say, “Wow, that was worth…

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Confessions of an Occasional Drinker

Confessions of an Occasional Drinker - PastorServe

These are the confessions of an occasional drinker: I don’t drink enough. When I drink, I don’t often drink deeply. When I drink, I usually drink from more than one container. When I drink, I typically sip rather than gulp. When I drink, I’m usually distracted. When I drink, I often wonder if it will…

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Four Activities to Refocus Your Calling as a Pastor

Four Activities to Refocus Your Calling As Pastor - PastorServe

As a young leader of a small church, I’m considering tendering my resignation and moving on—maybe even away from ministry altogether. I’ve found that serving in the church is incredibly tough, and I’m not sure I’m called to do this anymore.   This scenario is all too common today. We often hear or read the…

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The High Calling of Doing the Mundane

High Calling of the Mundane - PastorServe

As a leader, how often do you think about resigning your current job and moving onto something more exciting and engaging? Usually, the response I get to that question is, “Most Monday mornings!” Let’s face it, there are some things about our jobs that serve to send adrenaline rushing through our veins. After that rush,…

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Brokenness - PastorServe

Many years ago, Pastor J. C. Philpot wrote: “There is much presumption, pride, hypocrisy, deceit, delusion, formality, superstition and self-righteousness to be purged out of the heart of God’s child…” Philpot was kind. That’s the beginning of the purging our hearts desperately need. We are broken people. What does that mean for us on a…

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Who Will the Next Church Leaders Be?

Future Church Leaders - PastorServe

In a time when pastors are leaving the ministry at a very rapid rate (Just Google that and brace yourself.), here’s a question to which every church needs to respond: Who will the next generation of pastors be? Of course, we don’t need to limit this to pastors. Who will the future leaders of the…

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