Keep the Tractor Running

Keep the Tractor Running - PastorServe

As a pastor, how often have you thought about quitting your current assignment? Usually, the response I get to that question is, “Every Monday morning!” Let’s face it. There’s much about the weekends that serves to send adrenaline rushing through your veins. When it’s over, however, you’re faced with the relentless return of the Sabbath…

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Are You Relationally Bankrupt?

Are You Relationally Bankrupt? - PastorServe

Other than your wife, if married, who’s your closest friend? Some of you might admit that your wife is your only true friend. She knows you better than anyone else. She’s your soul mate. You can pour your heart out to her at the end of a long day. She provides a safe place in…

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Speak Life

Speak Life - Words - PastorServe

I have always been fascinated by the power of words. My Grandfather regularly demystified and imparted his varied artisan skills, from molding precious metals to hitting a curve ball, with simple, empowering guidance.  My Dad is a war veteran not easily rattled, but there was a phone call one April night that buckled his knees.…

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Being Content

I recently had the opportunity to teach for a pastor friend of mine. He’d been teaching through Philippians and asked if I’d teach on 4:10-13. While excited to fill in for him, my heart sunk when I heard the passage from which he wanted me to teach–Paul’s familiar words on contentment. As a pastor, do…

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