Houston, Hurricane Harvey and PastorServe – Why We Went

How is PastorServe uniquely positioned to help Houston churches through this difficult time?

First, PastorServe is experienced. We are in our nineteenth year of serving pastors in all 50 states. In addition to our regular coaching, consulting and crisis care, we have served pastors following natural disasters. We served Pastors following Katrina, the Haiti earthquake, the Joplin tornado and the Colorado Springs fires. In each case, we poured into local pastors with one very specific goal – to help pastors stay in their local community and continue to faithfully proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Second, PastorServe will not fly our banner in the Gulf Coast and leave. PastorServe was involved in Houston before Hurricane Harvey and we will stay involved in Houston for years to come. PastorServe remains involved in the lives of pastors in New Orleans. The pastor who we hired to serve on the ground following the Colorado Springs fires is now a full time member of the PastorServe team. Wade Brown is the Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain region who continues to extend care to hundreds of pastors. We recently hosted our third PastorServe Haiti conference. The majority of the pastors we now serve were connected to PastorServe following the 2010 earthquake. We now have a Haitian pastor on our staff that leads the PastorServe work in Haiti.

Third, we have a multi-racial, multi-denominational, multi-gender staff. We have no agenda other than serving. We will come to Houston and the surrounding region with a skilled, multi-ethnic team to assess the needs before developing a plan.

Fourth, we are committed to not going anywhere unless invited. As previously said, a number of Houston pastors, churches, networks, church planting organizations, denominations and seminaries have reached out to PastorServe, asking us to serve in the region impacted by Harvey. The number of invitations grows day by day.




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