Agape Bible Church – Pastor Parris Patrick

Learn more about PastorServe’s ministry to Houston: Disaster Response – Houston The PastorServe Plan – Rescue, Recovery and Relief Why PastorServe? PastorServe’s history serving after natural disasters Your gift can have a significant impact on a pastor, a church, and the community they serve. Please donate today.

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Reflections on a Houston Recovery Trip

PastorServe staff has been in Houston during the month of October 2017. Below are some reflections from those trips. Jimmy Dodd Deeper than drywall and carpet. The devastation reaches into families, marriages, families and church staffs. It’s only been seven weeks and the cracks are showing. I am amazed at how quickly PastorServe has become…

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The Rich in Haiti

The Rich in Haiti - PastorServe

I am sitting in a bus…well, bouncing in a bus is more accurate, en route from Kaliko to Port-au-Prince, and my heart is trying to articulate the week I’ve just experienced. I have been part of the PastorServe staff that has just completed a conference for Haitian pastors and their wives. We had the great…

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Why Are We So Quick to Leave The Church?

Why are we quick to leave the church? - PastorServe

I like to eat at Chili’s. I like to shop at Eddie Bauer. I like to sit down for coffee and conversation with friends at the locally owned coffee shop. And I typically enjoy my experience at all three of these favorite locations. But occasionally, something can get a bit sideways. Sometimes the food is…

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Lessons Ross Taught Me

Lessons Ross Taught Me - PastorServe

  As a young man of 17, I left home headed for college in the suburbs of Chicago.  From a small town in Wisconsin, I had little idea what was in store for me.  Paired with three other freshly-released teenagers in an apartment without supervision or accountability proved to be as you’d imagine it –…

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Humility and Honesty

Humility and Honesty - PastorServe

“I’m just tellin’ it like it is!” “I’m just being honest!” “My parents taught me to always tell the truth.” Ever hear or say those words in a conversation (or something along those lines) ? There are times when heartfelt expressions of honesty are not well received. Too often, however, these statements are made in…

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PastorServe Book Series

Survive or Thrive by Jimmy Dodd

Approximately sixteen months ago, David C Cook approached PastorServe about leading a project to produce a new series of books for pastors. Survive or Thrive, 6 Relationships Every Pastor Needs, is the first book in The PastorServe Book Series published by David C. Cook. Author and PastorServe founder Jimmy Dodd says, “The book is intended to…

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Sand Grunts

Sand Grunts - PastorServe

I love a parade! I’ve always loved parades. I love the floats with waving queens, the bands, the clowns, the horses and free candy. Who doesn’t love a parade? I’ll tell you who. The poor person at the end who is sweeping up the mess left by the horses – that’s who! Every parade has…

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Your Small Church Church Is Big

Your Small Church Church Is Big - PastorServe

I want my church to grow. I want your church to grow. But more than anything, I want the church to grow. I want as many people as possible, all over the world, to know Jesus. The good news of the gospel can’t be confined within the walls of my church, the distinctives of my…

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