Is There an Emerging Pastor Crisis in America? : Jimmy Dodd

Is There an Emerging Pastor Crisis in America? - Jimmy Dodd - 54 - FrontStage BackStage with Jason Daye

Are we slipping into a pastor crisis here in the United States? In this week’s conversation on FrontStage BackStage, host Jason Daye is joined by Jimmy Dodd, founder, and CEO of Pastor Serve. Pastor Serve comes alongside pastors and ministry leaders through coaching, consulting, crisis care, and soul care. Jimmy is also the author of…

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Stuck at a Crossroads?

Stuck at a Crossroads? - PastorServe

It all started with thoughts of Haiti and an upcoming pastors conference in the spring. I read, looked at photos, and spoke with those who have already been. I was overwhelmed. Words come easily to me, but what could I possibly say to fill that bottomless pit of need? Some of us come from traditions…

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Resilient Ministry – Part 2

Last month I recounted highlights from my conversation with Bob Burns, a St. Louis pastor, longtime friend and co-author of the new book – “Resilient Ministry: What Pastors Told Us About Surviving and Thriving.” I found the book to be an affirmation of what we have done for the last fourteen years at PastorServe. A…

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Resilient Ministry – Part 1

What does it take to sustain lifelong pastoral excellence?  Why do people leave ministry when they feel called to ministry for a lifetime? Last month, I was privileged to sit down with Bob Burns, a longtime friend who serves as the Associate Pastor of Central Presbyterian Church in St. Louis.  Bob and his team (co-authors…

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Do Not Allow Antagonists to Set the Church Agenda

I recently had the opportunity to lead an all day pastors gathering where I was asked to speak on ‘Ten Practices of Highly Effective Pastoral Leaders’.  Quite a weighty topic!  Who can choose only ten practices?  It would be easier to list 50! While I debated what to include in the top ten – one…

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The Rhythm of Life

The Rhythm of Life - PastorServe

Rhythm – procedure marked by the regular recurrence of particular elements, phases, etc. If you were to review the activities of the most recent week in your life, what patterns would emerge?  For me, I see moments of intentionality like teaching prep, strategic planning, reflection, enjoying community with others and prayer (not nearly enough).  Though,…

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Fighting for Joy on the Battleground of Discouragement

When was the last time you experienced real joy in your ministry? Deep, abiding joy–in spite of the busy schedule, the naysayers, the workload, the unexpected, the stress, the lack of appreciation, the sermon that bombed…again…? You get the idea. Whether you’ve been in ministry for a brief time or many years, you know there…

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Connected, But With Who?

I was sitting at the kitchen table recently doing some research on my laptop.  My 20 year old daughter was at the other end answering emails on hers.  Other than the sound of fingers on the keyboards, there was complete silence as we kept pecking away.  Forty-five minutes later, my daughter broke the silence:  “Wow! …

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Blessing Those You Shepherd

Blessing Those You Shepherd - PastorServe

I’ll never forget the first time I experienced receiving a benediction at the end of a worship service that was different than a closing prayer. The pastor walked to the front and said these words: “Now, I want to give you the good word. Please stand.” He kept his eyes open and with raised hands…

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What Is Behind My Anger?

What Is Behind My Anger? - PastorServe

Ephesians 4:26 | Be angry and do not sin. Anger is complicated. The Bible both commands it and gives STRONG warnings concerning it (Ephesians 4:26, 31; Proverbs 19:19; Proverbs 22:24; Ecclesiastes 7:9 to cite just a few). Anger is love expressed when fueling protection of the powerless, the voiceless, the poor, and the disenfranchised. Anger…

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